Viscount Premium




The Viscount Premium Upgrade is a culmination of feedback from dealers and customers alike, consisting of a number of features designed to improve the overall aesthetic.

The Premium pack is available on every layout and includes upgrades such as exclusive premium upholstery stitching, built in strip lights to the overhead cupboards and two variants of exterior makeovers including flood lights and a grey composite aluminium rear panel.

*The image depicted is the V2 layout and layouts and specification vary for each layout.

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Key Features

The Premium Upgrade is available on the entire Viscount range, and consists of three unique packages;

Customers can select either Exterior Deisgn Package 1 or 2 to complete the Viscount Premium or Premium +

Lighting Package

– Strip light above kitchen and dinette recessed into overhead cupboards

– External LED light fitted above tunnel boot.

– 14″ LED flood light fitted at the front and rear of the caravan

Interior Design Package

– Stylish Premium Upholstery Design with exclusive stitching

– Full Padded Bed Head

– Dual colour Cupboard Doors*

Exterior Design Package 1 (Premium)

– Heritage Grey Composite Rear Panel

– Grey Carbon-fibre look inlay on the sides

– Large Gold Viscount Decals

Exterior Design Package 2 (Premium +)

– Heritage Grey Composite Rear Panel

– White Composite Aluminium Sides

– 625mm High Checkerplate Sides

– Large Gold Viscount Decals